SUMMER 2020 RESORT OPENING DATES [MTB from June 27 to August 30] [SUMMER SKI from June 27]

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Les 2 Alpes April highlights

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The resort closes on the 25th of April, which means that there are still 4 weeks of fun to come! Here’s what you can expect.


It’s springtime! The weather is sunny, even warm sometimes if we’re lucky. In short, it’s ideal for riding without risking losing a finger or toe to the cold, and all for a very reasonable price.


Les 2 Alpes in April is also The Place To Be for Mountain Biking enthusiasts. The Venosc mountain biking run will be accessible from the 11th of April with a Mountain Biking pass (available for 12€). Or why not combine multiple activities: skiing in the morning + mountain biking in the afternoon, free with a skipass! 

To celebrate the early start to Mountain Biking, the Faster Than You event will take place on the 18th and 19th of April in partnership with 26in. The concept is simple: ride faster than everyone else! But that’s not all; you can also try out new bikes and enjoy a BBQ in a relaxed, festive atmosphere! What better way to celebrate the return of the Mountain Biking season!


April also means the school holidays are back (yehhh)! All those who are in family holiday mode and who are planning to bring their little ones along are going to have an amazing time at the Junior Foliz event, which is celebrating its 10th birthday! On the programme you’ll find craft workshops, entertainment, teatime snacks for those with a sweet tooth, musical and street performances, storytelling… and even… a party! In short, all your 6-12 year olds need to go home with a head full of memories and new friends! If your little pickles aren’t quite 6 years old yet, you can come with them to the workshops to help them take part in the activities.


There you have it. If, despite all that, you still find yourself with a bit of time to spare, you can always come and bring me a present, April’s also my birthday month (web team, 2nd office on the right)… ;)



Picture copyrights: Monica Dalmasso.