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Le Central – Les 2 Alpes piste and rescue service

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As its name suggests, Le CENTRAL plays a leading role within the ski lift management company, DEUX ALPES LOISIRS. This is where you’ll find all the essential information about the ski area openings and closures, but that’s not all… Today I would like to introduce you to an incredible smiley twosome, comprised of Marie-Claude and Anne, and share their two main tasks with you!

During the season, Le CENTRAL is open non-stop from 8.30am to 6pm daily.
As soon as they arrive, the first thing they do is check the weather report, keenly awaited by all snowsports fans!
The METEO FRANCE weather report helps to update the snow condition information on the SKI PLAN web site, which is then shared with several other web sites. To give you an idea of the type of information you’ll find every morning, take a look here:
The opening or closure of the slopes is updated in realtime by the teams of ski patrollers who are already out on the ski area. Anne and Marie-Claude are in contact with them at all times by radio, so that any necessary updates can be made to the report immediately.

Le CENTRAL also manages all rescue requests. Anne and Marie-Claude are in charge of sending the ski patrollers on a rescue mission, as soon as the seriousness of the injury has been diagnosed. They will also contact the SAF if a helicopter evacuation is required, or the SAMU if paramedics are needed to take the patient to hospital, or an ambulance driver if the injured person needs to be taken to one of the doctor’s surgeries in resort.
They also play an intermediary role between the insurance company and the injured person, to ensure all rescue charges are covered. After that, they make sure any ski equipment is brought back down from the slopes by the ski patrollers, and returned to its owner or ski rental shop. 

Editor : Franca GRASSIA