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“Crankworx launched my career”

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Adrien Loron, 23, is a professional mountain biker from Carpentras in the South of France. After starting his career in BMX, he is now a champion in his chosen discipline, Pumptrack. He tells us about his special relationship with Les 2 Alpes and Crankworx.

- Can you tell us a bit about Crankworx and what it means to you?


First of all, I have this event to thank for the fact that I’m now able to make a living from my passion. After winning the Les 2 Alpes Pumptrack challenge 2 years ago, brands offered to finance me to take part in the Canadian event in Whistler, which took place a few weeks afterwards. When I got there, it was just a dream. After winning the Pumptrack challenge a second time alongside some of the biggest names in the world mountain biking scene, I sort of became the “world champion” in the discipline. A few months later, I signed my first pro contracts with brands.
Today, Crankworx is my main focus. The best riders in the world are there, the trails are always incredible and the atmosphere is amazing. I should say that the organisers really look after us too, they do everything so that we’re in the best possible condition for the show. The coolest part is the people you meet. At the end of the week, there’s no distinction between downhill riders, freestylers or dualists. We’re one big family, we have a great time together, before during and after competitions, all while showing the public what we do best.

- What are your goals this year for the Les 2 Alpes Crankworx?


The Les 2 Alpes challenge is always very special for me. It’s where my career started, it’s where the public got behind me, it’s where I feel at home! I have ambitious goals this year. I’m currently second in the Dual Speed and Style world championship, and my main competition (Martin Soderstrom) has an injury. I need to finish on the podium if I want to bring home the win at the end of the year. In terms of Pumptrack, it’s always the same thing, everyone wants to see me win, and what could be better than winning in front of all my family and friends! I really don’t have a choice. Abroad, I go for beating my opponents and scoring points, but in Les 2 Alpes, I need to win in front of my supporters! Also, this year they introduced a team classification (France vs. The rest of the World) with two teams of 10 riders. I’m representing France in Dual Speed and Style, so that’s extra motivation for me!

- What did you think of Rotorua, the new New Zealand stage of Crankworx?

The New Zealanders did a brilliant job. The trails were really well finished, the surroundings were magical and the crowds were huge. It was also my first Dual Speed & Style podium position. It’s one of the most spectacular disciplines in Crankworx and the Rotorua course was just perfect.

- Can you explain in just a few words to a layman what Pumptrack is?


Pumptrack is a very fast race. Everything is decided in a twentieth of a second.
The trail is made up of moguls and turns, the starting line is a berm banked above the track. The only rule is that you’re not allowed to pedal.
It’s a battle between the riders who compete on two similar loops, one on the left and one on the right. The winner is decided by the fastest accumulated time on both loops.

Photo Credit : Nicolas Joly