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Your Les 2 Alpes summer survival kit

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It’s not always easy to prepare for a summer holiday in the mountains… Together, let’s pack THE survival kit for your stay in Les 2 Alpes.

High UV protection sunglasses (category 3 or 4), sun lotion, and a hat:

Don’t let the cold air deceive you; the sun beats down every bit as strongly here! It’s especially unforgiving on the glacier up at 3,600 metres. This altitude does not suffer fools gladly, so take our advice: whether you’re on skis, on a snowboard, or on foot, protect yourself! As well as sun lotion, use your imagination… sun hat, cap, goggles, sunglasses… Anything goes!

Skis / snowboard:

Yes, you can ski in Les 2 Alpes in the summer! So bring your skis, poles, boots or snowboard and don’t forget to check that they’re all in good nick (if worst comes to worst, Les 2 Alpes’ sports shops are always there to save the day). It may be summer, but you should still remember to bring gloves and technical clothing because… even in the summer, snow has a tendency to be… cold!

Mountain bike / skateboard / tennis racket / golf clubs:

Summer mornings in Les 2 Alpes are for skiing (until 12.30pm)! In the afternoon, the choice is yours. If you have a mountain bike, we strongly advise you to bring it because Les 2 Alpes’ mountain biking area is world-renowned! (Please note that if you’ve bought a ski pass, you automatically have access to the mountain biking area in the afternoons). Don’t forget to bring gloves and goggles. Other protective gear can be hired from one of the resort’s sports shops.
You also shouldn’t forget: a skateboard for making use of the skate park, your tennis racket and your golf clubs! (The latter isn’t obligatory…) A decent pair of sports shoes should suffice for all other activities.

Swimsuit, flip-flops and beach towel:

In Les 2 Alpes, you can go swimming! Paris has its own beach, and so do we. Head for Lac de la Buissonière at the entrance of the resort. You’re advised to bring a swimsuit, beach towel and flip-flops (a cool box is optional). And for anyone sensitive to the cold, there’s always the swimming pool – heated, of course!

Hiking boots / rucksack / water flask:

You’re sure to be tempted by a little hike during your stay, and you’ve good reason to be. Remember to bring a good pair of boots and not to forget your rucksack and water flask!

Camera and GoPro:

Indispensable for capturing your best moments this summer and making your friends green with envy: a camera and a GoPro, nothing else compares!

A box of paracetamol:

Les 2 Alpes in the summer doesn’t lack for places to party… The Avalanche nightclub has firmly established its reputation as the place to round off a great night out. A box of paracetamol never goes amiss.
Your survival kit is ready, have a great holiday!

Photo credit : P. Boulgakov