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So, when are you going to start trail running?

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For a long while now we’ve been hearing more and more about trail running and the growing number of trail running routes. But why the sudden enthusiasm? Why are increasing numbers of runners abandoning the roads in favour of venturing out onto natural trails?


We asked the trail runners who regularly go running in Les 2 Alpes exactly that question. They all gave more or less the same answers. Here’s why trail runners can’t get enough of it!

First of all, running through nature is a way to discover incredible landscapes! In just a few minutes, you can go from flower-covered meadows to vertiginous views plunging over a valley and then finish up in a larch forest. That’s the case, for example along Les 2 Alpes’ balcons route. The exceptional backdrops help to avoid the monotony of road running where you plod along on the tarmac for kilometres thinking only about the clock.

As well as the beautiful panoramic views, the natural environment increases your feeling of freedom and escape ten-fold! That feeling in itself is already a great reason to get started, but if you need more convincing, you should know that trail running also lets you surpass yourself. Running up a climb and then running back down again on stone or mud will push you to your limits, and you’ll feel intensely proud when you realise that you’re capable of going further than you could have imagined. So, if everyone else is doing it, why don’t you give it a go?

Another major benefit is that trail running is much less likely to injure your body. Soil trails put less strain on the joints, and as for the fresh air you breathe… it’s much nicer to smell flowers and grass than exhaust fumes.

Finally, trail runners who take part in organised races all, without exception, told us about the spirit of camaraderie they’ve experienced! To them, there was no question that they were running with other runners, not against them. They all know how important it is to finish a race, and won’t pass by another runner in difficulty at the side of the trail without encouraging them and helping them to get over the finish line! We witness this attitude of friendship and solidarity first-hand every year during the Night Snow Trail we organise, which takes place at night-time and in the snow!

If this information helps you decide to go for it, here is a list of trails that you can run in Les 2 Alpes; there’s something to suit all abilities! You’ll be able to recognise which trail is which on site thanks to dedicated signage (link in French): small signs featuring the itinerary’s number and colour (difficulty level). So… get your running shoes on!

Copyright : Vincent Lozzi.