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What is a good age for children to learn to ski and how should you go about it?

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That’s the big question all snowsport loving parents ask! We asked that very hard question to Xavier Sillon, an experienced ski instructor, who is also the director of the ESF ski school in Les 2 Alpes. Here are his tips and recommendations. 


The perfect age for your child to learn to ski.

There is no hard and fast rule. It all depends on how mature YOUR child is and how keen they are to give it a go.
They can start from as early as 3 years, as long as you respect a few basic principles: the session should take place in a safe, enclosed area, accessible only to young beginners.
If your child is older than that, it’s not a problem; it’s never to late to learn and there are lessons and teaching methods to suit all ages!

Teach them yourself or leave it to a professional. 

There are many different teaching facilities adapted to suit the needs of your little ones, including the ESF (French Ski School) ski kindergartens, as well as those provided by other ski schools. With their child-friendly lay out and qualified personnel, these areas welcome 3 to 6 year olds. Just because you can ski doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have the patience or teaching skills required to teach your child. Why not entrust your child to a professional with total peace of mind and without feeling guilty…after all, everyone has their own role to play.

Learning snowsports in a fun way, without any apprehension. 

For little ones, learning is all about making new discoveries! In the ski kindergartens, little ones don’t put their skis on and learn how to ski down a slope and carry out turns on the first day! There are lots of different stages to go through, at the child’s pace, and half a day of lessons is more than enough. On the whole, it’s best not to rush you child or they might end up having a mental block about it. To start with, just walking through the snow in what feels like heavy, stiff boots is already a totally new sensation for them, before they make their first gliding movements…. The children carry out fun activities on a specially adapted gently inclined terrain, with ski tows and magic carpets to help them. At this stage we don’t teach them how to snow plough, they stop naturally as the gentle incline opens onto a flat area. Xavier explains that the main aim is to «give children the desire to glide on the snow, not to hold them back». Little by little, the young skiers complete the 5 different levels without even noticing.
It’s important to mention that all children should bring a drink and a snack with them, to keep their energy levels up.
At the end of their holiday, whatever their level and however well they have progressed, all of the children are proud to show off their medal, and will feel they have been part of a great adventure! You’re sure to hear about what they got up to with their new friends as you enjoy a tasty fondue. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.


Gradually, children leave their snowy little ‘cocoon’ and head for the slopes. Again, there is no hard and fast rule as to when that will be, it depends on how they progress, but the average age is about 6. However, a little one who takes to it like a duck to water and who skis often may well be on the big slopes sooner than that.


You don’t necessarily need to buy equipment for your children as they grow so quickly. Buying the right clothing is an important investment (thermal underwear, fleece, ski jacket, ski trousers, gloves, woolly hat, goggles…). You can easily find all the equipment you need for your children in one of the resort’s ski rental shops: skis, boots, poles, not forgetting helmets – highly recommended, especially for children!

My child is not yet 3 / over 6 years of age

Your 1 to 3 year olds can try out the Baby Snow in Les 2 Alpes. It’s a kind of snow scooter, controlled by a parent or instructor, and which will allow your child to discover their first gliding sensations in total safety.
If your child is over the age of 6 but has never skied before, don’t worry, there are beginner’s lessons for 6 to 12 year olds too. The main thing is that they want to give it a go!

On that note, we look forward to seeing you on the slopes of Les 2 Alpes for a wonderful family holiday very soon!

Photos copyrights: Monica Dalmasso, Bruno Longo and Babysnow-Eric Arnol.