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It’s a ‘ski patroller’s’ dog’s life…

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Hi there, I’m Gaspard, the most handsome golden retriever in the world (well that’s what my dad, Pierre says anyway!).

I will be 5 years old on February 10th (in case you want to give me a little something for my birthday…) and I love in the mountains… I know, I’m very lucky!

Apparently I’m quite special… I was specially trained to be an avalanche rescue dog. After a 2-week training course at the ANENA (National Association for Snow and Avalanche Studies), I got my certificate.
Before that, I did almost 2 years of pre-training, during which time they created learning tools to develop a link between games, discovery and my predatory instinct.
It was like going hunting… they kept hiding things and thanks to my super sense of smell, I had to find them! Not always easy but I got lots of treats to keep me going!
Now I work all over the Isère département and I have to take part in compulsory training sessions once or twice a month to keep me on the ball.

My days are filled with rest time in the kennel, walks, training games and food.

My handler, Pierre, is a ski patroller. He is a qualified avalanche blaster and avalanche rescue dog handler. We make a great team the two of us. He takes me everywhere with him: when he goes to work in the morning we get on the Diable chair lift together and do the same thing to come back down in the evening. Sometimes I’m allowed to run after him if he skis back down, but not often because I’ve got to be careful of my joints….it’s hard work running in the snow you know! I always need to be in good physical health because we could get called out on a rescue mission at any time!

So there you have it … my life as ’Super Dog’ in Les 2 Alpes!

A photo of me when I was little …

© Crédit photo : Pierre Bohler

Editor : Franca GRASSIA