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Useful ski holiday pulling techniques

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This essential information is of a serious nature; the advice it contains may save your holiday.


Let’s start with 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1) The first most important fact: forget everything you’ve seen in the romcoms or read in the Mills & Boon novels. You don’t meet your soulmate (or one-night stand) by bumping into them by chance on a street corner or ski slope. Believe us, being knocked down by someone on the slopes is nothing more than painful. However handsome/beautiful you might be, you’ll get no more than basic conversation out of this technique.

2) There’s no pont hiding your squint behind your goggles and your receding hairline under your woolly hat. If you’re hoping to score, you’ll have to bare at some point anyway. And let’s be honest, no one likes to feel they’ve been short-changed.

3) Inviting your potential suitor out for a raclette/fondue/tartiflette is not a bad idea; a table by the fireside in a typical little restaurant might do the trick. But, we beg of you, please make sure you have a chewing gum handy afterwards.

4) One of the most common mistakes has to do with the way you look. Contrary to what many people may believe: anything doesn’t go in the mountains

The below for example, is simply vile.

Girls, avoid high heels when walking on icy pavements…
Don’t forget: sticks and stones may break my bones, as well as an ankle or a nose.
Take a look at this.

5) If you want to look elegant, make sure your nose isn’t running! It might be acceptable if you’re 4½, but beyond that, make an effort. We know it gets cold on the slopes and you’ll probably end up with a runny nose, but it’s not hard to wipe your nose on your gloves (or on a tissue if you’re that organised!)

Two 2.0 pulling methods to try out straight away:

1) This sentence is bound to land you a geek for the night: «Hey you, netflix and chill in front of Dirty Dancing??». We haven’t tried it out yet but are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

2) Or for those who prefer to go straight for the kill, we advise you to download the mobile apps Tinder and TikiTalk.
Easy, fast, efficient… Tried and tested.

If you’ve got any other hot tips, don’t hesitate to share them with everyone in the comments box.
Just think of those who’ve been stuck in the ‘just good friends’ zone for far too long… they’re banking on their trip to Les 2 Alpes, so please help them out!

Photo credits : photography.andreas – Visualhunt; Joe Shlabotnik - Visual hunt; Benjamin Auger PARIS MATCH-GETTY IMAGES; Youtube - La France s'amuse.