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Enter the Guinness Book of records with Les 2 Alpes!

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If you’ve aways wanted to break a world record, the resort of Les 2 Alpes can make your dream come true! Take part in the biggest torchlit descent ever on 13th January 2016!

You don’t need to be gifted and talented or spend hours in training to become a legend; the resort of Les 2 Alpes is giving you the chance to become a record holder in the easiest way possible.
First and foremost, you need to be in Les 2 Alpes on Wednesday 13th January!
Then you need to ensure you have the correct ski clothing: trousers and jacket, hat, gloves and helmet for children. Not forgetting skis and boots of course. If you haven’t got any, take a look at our list of ski rental shops . There’s no point taking poles, you won’t need them and they will probably just get in your way. A quick reminder; the event is for skiers only, snowboards are not allowed according to event rules and regulations. Required level: bronze star level for children and class 2 for adults (must know how to ski parallel on all snow types, all terrains, during the day and at night).
Meet at 2.30pm at the Jandri Express departure point (see map ). If you’ve already signed up online, the organisers will just ask you for your name, otherwise you will need to fill in a short form. We will provide you with a ski pass (free of charge) if you don’t have one already.
When you get to 3,200 metres, you’ll be given your collector’s bib (for you to keep as a souvenir!), your torch (LED operated, we don’t want you to burn yourself), and then you can ski as you wish on the glacier until the start!
The official start time is 6pm. Once it’s underway, don’t panic, just follow everyone else, never leaving a gap of more than 2.5 metres between you and the person in front of you. Overtaking is strictly forbidden! (see regulations )
We’re a nice lot here in Les 2 Alpes and we’re proud of our champions, so each and every participant will get to enjoy mulled wine and fireworks on their arrival! And if you’re a fan of the paparazzi, put on your best smile and head to our photocall at the foot of the slopes - no fluorescent 80’s style retro ski gear please…!
If you signed up online, your Guiness Book of Records record holder certificate will be emailed to you directly, otherwise please make sure you include your email address on the entry form on the day!