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«Prevention is better than cure»…

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You often hear of skiers who manage to break a leg, dislocate their shoulder or get chilblains on day one of their holiday. Some might put it down to bad luck….

Without claiming to be Doctor House, as mountain professionals we would like to share a few precious words of advice with you.

Skiing is fun, but it is a sport that requires a good level of fitness!
How about you, are you physically ready to take on the joys of snowsports
We always say «take it easy on the 1st day». You might not be used to living at an altitude of 1,650 metres, with an unbelievable ski area like the one in Les 2 Alpes, which reaches up to 3,600 metres … There’s no shame in being a bit breathless… starting the week off with a good dose of fresh air is a positive thing, but there’s no point going overboard!

Have you checked you have all the right equipment?
You probably already know that you shouldn’t step outside without sunglasses or before applying sunscreen to your face….
When you walk along the foot of the slopes, or go up to a higher altitude, the reverberation of the sun’s rays from the snow can have a drastic effect! Make sure you take care of your little ones in their toboggans too!
Check the condition of your skis and wax them if necessary.
It’s a good idea to carry a small rucksack with a bottle of water and a snack. We also recommend that you dress warmly, with themal and technical base layers, a neck warmer, gloves…
Look at the figures, when the wind begins to blow, it feels a lot colder all of a sudden!


Finally, all we can do is remind you of the following hints to help you stay safe:
- check the snow report before hitting the slopes,
- take a piste map with you,
- listen to your body, stop and have breaks if you feel tired,
- use slopes adapted to your level,
- control your speed and respect other slope users around you (especially in beginner’s areas).

Les 2 Alpes’ mountain rescue ski patrollers are on hand to help if you need them…


Editor : Franca GRASSIA