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Videos, photos and challenges on the ski area in Les 2 Alpes

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This winter, the ski area has a number of surprises in store for you… A run where you can be filmed like a star, a throne where you can pose for photos like a king, and challenges where you can perform like a pro!

King Of Pano

It’s a simple concept, become the King of Panobar, Les 2 Alpes’ famous slopeside bar. A photo booth on the panoramic terrace 2,600 metres up will take a picture of you on a Panobar and Les 2 Alpes-decorated throne. What else? Instructions for use: activate the booth using your skipass, sit yourself on the throne and collect your photo using the Les 2 Alpes app or the website: Access your photos on the Les 2 Alpes app (available free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play) by going to the Ski + tab then to the “Photos” section and entering your skipass number (printed on the front of the magnetic card). To access your photos on the website, you need to log in to 2 alpes connect (if you haven’t signed up for an account yet, you can register for one or sign in using Facebook). Once logged in, click on the “photos” tab, and enter your skipass number.

“La Piste aux Étoiles”

Would you love to capture your downhill ski run, or your child’s, on video for posterity? You can on La Piste aux Étoiles! The run is located at the bottom of the Lutins run, right in the centre of the resort. First of all, you need to scan your skipass at the top of the run. Then once the light turns green, you just have to follow the marked route and the cameras will do the rest! It’s the same process as above (see King Of Pano) to download your videos, except that you need to go to the “videos” tab.

Ski + challenges

Tackle challenges on Les 2 Alpes’ ski area with your friends! Log in to the Les 2 Alpes app, go to the Ski+ tab, turn on your GPS, and select your challenges. There are 2 types of challenge, Les 2 Alpes challenges and performance challenges. The former are a fun way to explore the ski area while the latter invite you to take on challenges: speed, altitude, distance… Invite your friends to join in and compare your scores. Your results will be displayed on your personal 2 Alpes Connect account under the “challenges” tab and on the Les 2 Alpes app under the Ski+ tab.
And don’t forget to share your photos, videos and performances on social media using the hashtag #L2AForever!