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Rules of conduct on the ski slopes: what’s your style - King of the slopes or Dumb and Dumber?

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Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, you can’t just wing it on the slopes and hope for the best, there are certain rules of conduct you need to be aware of. Test your knowledge with our 7 questions and find out if you’re King of the slopes or more like Dumb and Dumber!

1) Speed

a. I adapt my speed according to my ability, my fitness level and the weather conditions. I’m always prepared to make an emergency stop or a change of direction.
b. It’s foggy, but the only position I know is schuss, so I go full throttle. I don’t know how to brake either so I just wait until I fall over to stop!

2) Priorities

a. Whether there’s someone in front of me, behind me or at the side of me, I expect others to look out for me. I find it hard enough to control my own skis, leave alone looking to see where someone else’s skis are …
b. I always pay attention to the skier in front of me to avoid any accidents.

3) Overtaking

a. When I overtake someone I make sure I’m not too close so that I don’t throw them off balance and make them fall.

b. I love slaloming amongst the skiers, it adds a little excitement and is a great way to meet new people (see useful ski holiday pulling tips)

4) Crossing slopes

a. When 2 runs meet I generally try to speed up and close my eyes. I tell myself that others will let me go through as I’m going so fast!
b. I always pay attention to skiers arriving from both sides when I approach a junction.

5) Signposting

a. It’s like driving when you’re on the slopes, I always respect the signs.
b. What do you mean signposts?

6) Stopping

a. When I’m tired or I see an amazing view, I stop right in the middle of the slope. Other skiers don’t always seem too happy about it, as they tell me to get out of their way. It’s crazy how some people can be such party poopers even when they’re on holiday!
b. I always try to stop by the edge of the slope, whenever it is safe to do so. I make sure I’m in a place where I can be seen by skiers coming down the run, leaving enough room for them to pass by.

7) Help

a. When I see someone in danger, I always try to help and alert the ski rescue team when necessary.
b. I want to make the most of my day and I don’t want to waste time with someone who doesn’t know how to ski properly. Anyway, that’s what the ski patrollers are there for.

So, what’s your style - King of the slopes or Dumb and Dumber?
The right answers were of course: 1.a/2.b/3.a/4.b/5.a/6.b/7.a
If you answered them all correctly: no worries, you are a responsible skier or snowboarder, a true King of the slopes! Bear these rules in mind in order to continue skiing safely.
If your answers were totally wide of the mark, you’re more like Dumb and Dumber! You need to take a serious look at your snowsports behaviour if you want to become King of the slopes.

Photo credit : OT 2 Alpes