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Freestyle Land, freestyle paradise in Les 2 Alpes

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Freestyle is an integral part of who we are and what we do in Les 2 Alpes. Sylvain Garabos, Snowpark Manager, introduces us to Freestyle Land, the resort’s vast playground for freestyle fans!

So how did Les 2 Alpes’ snowpark come into being?

Les 2 Alpes has had a freestyle identity for many years now. It all started with the Mondial du Snowboard event in 1989; vistors were so passionate about the discipline that it led to the creation of a snowpark on the glacier during the summer of 1994 - one of the first in Europe. Since then Les 2 Alpes’ snowpark is in place both summer and winter. When it first started out there was just a half pipe and a few bumps…

What’s Les 2 Alpes’ Freestyle Land like?

With all the different zones, Freestyle Land comprises some 60 modules, including rails*, kickers*, quarters*, hips*…for riders of all levels.

Can you give us a little more detail about Freestyle Land’s different zones?

Freestyle Land is located mainly on the La Toura sector at an altitude of 2,600 metres. We have created several zones:
-- the Family park, with its Boardercross* and fun zone.
-- the Easy park, for an introduction to freestyle. You’ll find bumps, quarters and rails here.
-- the Slopestyle,* for advanced and expert freestylers.
-- the Big air*, for experts.
-- Park Avenue, mainly rails for advanced and expert freestylers.
-- l’Envers Snowpark, accessible to all levels, comprising rails and bumps.
-- les Limaçons Snowpark for children, set on the snow front, close to Les Limaçons drag lift. Open during normal ski area opening times, and also from Tuesdays to Fridays, 6pm to 10pm - free of charge.


What events and challenges are held throughout the year?

- We hold amateur contests and video contests. The video contests take place in the summer at the moment, on the website and on Les 2 Alpes summer snowpark on the glacier.
In winter, the park also hosts the Belgian Freestyle championships, as well as several festivals and Freestyle contests: Snowzone, Snowfest, Unichamp, Snowjam, Beef Roast Rail Jam…

So what challenges does the snowpark face in the immediate future?

- Improving the build of the snowpark by using a minimum amount of snow because there aren’t any snow cannons at 2,600 metres. We also need to look at moving the location of the superpipe to make it more easily accessible. Not forgetting the need to satisfy our riders first and foremost!

Is that your final word Sylvain?

No. I’d like to thank all the snowpark team, without whom the park wouldn’t be what it is: piste groomers Aurélien Gonthier, François Michel, Max Tot, Sam Hadjadj and Stef Buffard, as well as the daytime shapers, Nico Sannajust, Seb Lopez, Mat ellong, Benja Hadjadj, Julien Bichet, Michou Tomasi and David Hadjadj.


Glossary (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong by using the comments box…):
Kicker: springboard.
Hip: a 4-sided bump /springboard to launch yourself off of and land where you choose.
Quarter: a quarter pipe (you know what the half pipe looks like? Well this is a quarter one).
Rail: long metal bars that you can slide along.
Slopestyle: a course that allows you to stylishly move from one module to another.
Boardercross: a course with a line start comprising raised bends, bumps and whoops (small bumps). The aim being to go as fast as you can.
Big Air: a huge springboard which allows you to grab as much air as you can.
Shaper: Somebady who maintains the park and shapes certain modules.


Photo Credit : Yoann Peisin