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Grandmother Lucette’s recipes - Farcis de l’Oisans.

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You probably don’t know my grandmother, which is a great shame as she is such an amazing cook. Tasting her dishes is sheer bliss. From the very first mouthful, a feeling of total pleasure washes over you; from your taste buds to your stomach, it’s sheer unadulterated pleasure.
I’m the type of person who likes to share life’s simple pleasures with my friends, so here are a few of her ‘to-die-for’ recipes for you.


The first one was a regional culinary treasure: gratin Dauphinois.
Today we are focusing our attention on the Farcis de l’Oisans, another culinary landmark in our gastronomy.


Are you ready? Let’s go:


Preparation time: 30 minutes, not including cooking time.
Cooking time: approximately 90 minutes altogether.
Cost: Low
Difficulty: easy.
roughly 1 kg of dry bread,
1 kg of potatoes,
1 ham hock,
500 g pork belly,
500 g pork chops
200 g salt pork or 1 large pork sausage, (or other pork product…),
500 g leeks (keep the dark green part for the mixed herbs),
4 eggs,
Roughly 100 g flour,
50 g soft butter,
mixed herbs (parsley, bay, and the dark green part of the leeks),
salt and pepper.



-Cover the pork meats and mixed herbs with 2 litres of water and cook for about 45 minutes.
During that time:
-Cut the bread into small cubes.
-Slice the leeks and brown them in the pan with a little butter or oil.
-Put the bread in a deep dish and pour the cooked leeks on top.
When the meat is cooked, take out some of the stock and pour over the bread. Mix together well, the bread needs to soak up the liquid and be completely soft.
-Then cook the potatoes in the remaining stock.
-Add the eggs to the bread/leek mixture, followed by the softened butter, 2 tablespoons of flour, a pinch of salt (not too much as the meat stock is already quite salty) and pepper.
-When it is all combined into a type of stuffing, make little balls about the size of a kiwi.
-Roll the balls in the remaining flour.
-Drop them in to the remainder of the stock (with the potatoes) and leave to cook for about 20 minutes. They will come back up to the surface when they are cooked.
Serve the balls (les farcis) with the pork meat and the potatoes.

Bon appétit!



Picture copyright: Gratindauphinois.Com.