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You can ski in Les 2 Alpes in the spring, and so much more besides…!

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Now that spring is here, are you already dreaming about the beach, lazing around and drinking cocktails by the sea? Sure, we get it, but hold your horses! It’s much too early to dive into 10°C water and lie back on sand that’s still soggy from March downpours.


There’s still time to get the most out of Les 2 Alpes’ ski runs! Springtime skiing means having sunny runs all to yourself, a fantastic tan that will make everyone jealous when you get home and snow that’s very much still there. Hurtling down the runs in complete peace with friends or family is priceless! And you can even take advantage of the chance to immortalise your exploits on video at our Piste aux Etoiles.


Spring skiing also means enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace after a good day’s skiing under the gentle warmth of the sun still high in the sky. What’s more, accommodation is less expensive in the spring, so you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more than ever with loads of activities.


This spring, families will be lucky enough to enjoy a range of entertainment and activities specially dedicated to them at the Junior Foliz, between the 18th and the 22nd of April. And you’ll never guess the theme for this year… Wait for it… The beach! If you’re dreaming of sandcastles, seafood and shellfish, take a sneak peek at summer (without getting ear ache by swimming in freezing cold water). And your little monsters will be able to enjoy summer activities: bouncy castles, street entertainment, sand-castle building, artistic workshops and plenty of other surprises!


Spring is also the season that mountain biking enthusiasts have been waiting for! We have some very good news on this front: ready your bikes! From the 16th of April, you will be able to enjoy a sneak preview and ride on a selection of Les 2 Alpes’ runs! 

And on the 23rd and 24th of April, come and take part in the Faster Than You challenge run by Les 2 Alpes and 26in! On the programme: timed runs and a great atmosphere. Sheer, unadulterated fun!


Isn’t life wonderful? We’re waiting for you!



Photo copyright : Bruno Longo.