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You can still have a fab time in Les 2 Alpes even if you don’t ski!

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It’s true - you can have an amazing time in the mountains even if you don’t ski! So what exactly can you get up to?


Luckily, you don’t have to be a die-hard skier to have a great time in Les 2 Alpes! There are plenty of other activities that you can enjoy throughout the winter. Inside or outside, there’s a massive choice of things to do for all ages.


To start with, discover the ski area and admire the exceptional panoramic viewpoints Les 2 Alpes has to offer. A special lift pass which lets you get around on foot is available so you can do just that. Hop onto the funicular and head up to the top of the glacier where incredible views from the orientation table await. Then, a short walk towards the new viewing point at Le Soreiller will reveal an even more impressive view over the Ecrins massif!


As you head back down, make sure you leave time to visit the ice cave. 30 metres beneath the surface of the glacier, you’ll discover the most amazing ice sculptures dug out by 2 high mountain guides!

ALRGrotteglace VincentLozzi


For something a little different, try a unique and timeless dog sledding experience. Enjoy a very special moment at one with the husky dogs in a setting that will take you away from it all. Embark on a journey of discovery!


Or try your hand at snowshoeing ; enjoy a good dose of fresh air and take in the snowy landscapes surrounding you. There’s something for all levels and you’ll want to go again and again!



How about an ice skating session? Get your skates on and feel the wind blow through your hair!


Or if you’re looking for something a little more ‘rock’n’roll’, give snowmobiling a go! Embark on a 1 hour ride at sunset on the slopes above the resort: stunning views, thrills and excitement guaranteed!

ALRmotoneige PassemanDenis


After all the thrills and excitement, you’ll want to let your hair down and enjoy a well-earned rest in the spa ! Massages, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, essential oils…Les 2 Alpes has exactly what you need to relax. And here’s a little tip from us, it’s even nicer being pampered when it’s blowing a gale outside.



And finally, make sure you pay a visit to the villages of Vénosc and Mont-de-Lans.
Set in the Vénéon valley, a quick 8 minute gondola lift ride will take you to the authentic mountain village of Vénosc, where you can enjoy a quiet stroll over its cobbled streets.

ALRvenosc BrunoLongo

From the mountain village of Mont-de-Lans (on the other side of the resort, at the entrance on your arrival), enjoy views over the whole Romanche valley, the pic de la Meije and Lake Chambon.

ALRMtLans BrunoLongo


"Très bonnes vacances à tous".


Crédit photos : Pisteurs secouristes 2 Alpes, Vincent Lozzi, Denis Passeman, Bruno Longo, Monica Dalmasso.