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A family with 2 children tested for you the new blue run back to resort

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Last winter, Les 2 Alpes created a new blue run to make it easier to ski back to the resort. You can ski on blue runs from the top of the ski area at 3,600 metres, back down to the resort at 1,600 metres, without using a single ski lift. But what do the skiers think of it? Does it live up to its promises?


To find out, I set off to meet some people who’d just skied down it; I was keen to get their first impressions.

ALRPisteBleue BrunoLongo 9


This is what a British family, (Amy and David - 40 ish, and their two children Emma - 6, and Jacob - 8½) who are on their 4th holiday in Les 2 Alpes, had to say about it.

Amandine: Hi there, what did you think of the blue Jandri 1 run that you’ve just skied down?
Amy: I think it’s great! My 6 year old daughter, Emma can ski down it no problem. It’s nice and wide and you get amazing views of the Muzelle and the resort; we love it! It’s such a mind-blowing change of scenery for us coming from the UK! (laughs).
David: And you can either go towards Le Diable, Les Lutins or Champamé. It’s really easy to get back to our apartment without having to walk too far or take a ski lift.


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Amandine: Do you find it easier to ski back to resort now? How did you used to get back down?
David: It’s definitely a lot easier to ski back down to resort now than in previous years. We never used to want to ski down the Valentin (black run) with the children, so we used to take the green run (Les Demoiselles), but it’s long and narrow and not as easy to use at busy times of the day. Otherwise we’d hop in the «white eggs» to get back down.


ALRPisteBleue BrunoLongo 11

Amandine: Would you advise other families on holiday in Les 2 Alpes to use this run? What level of skier do you think you need to be?
David: Yeah, we’d definitely advise other families to use it. It’s wide and a real pleasure to ski on. As soon as your children (and the parents too for that matter) are able to ski on blues, you should make the most of it!
Amy: I’d say that as soon as your children are of 1st star level they’ll be fine to ski this run. As long as they have the basics, like being able to turn and do snowplough.
David: I did feel that at one point the run was a bit blue-ish/red.
Amandine: (laughs) A bit what?
David: Well, it was half blue, half red, you know, blue-ish/red! (laughs). But not for long.
Amy: And the last thing I’d say to other parents is that as this run is very popular, it tends to get very busy around 4-5 pm, when everyone’s heading back to resort. Keep your eye on your children then and stay close to them.


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Amandine: And how about you kids, what did you think of it?
Jacob: it’s fab. I did some huuuge turns on the way down and then followed dad to get my speed up!
David: Hmm, yes, well not too fast next time eh??
Jacob: ok, I’ll try not to overtake you!
Emma: And there were even some men in fancy dress who gave us sweets, that was the best bit (laughs).


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Amandine: Thanks to the 4 of you. Have a great holiday and make the most of every minute!
Amy: thank you too! Can’t wait to read the article! 


Pictures : Bruno Longo; Text and interview : Amandine Le Roux.