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the picturesque little village of Venosc, nestling at the foot of Les 2 Alpes

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Is it possible to fall in love with a place? Of course it is!


If you walk from the entrance of Les 2 Alpes, all the way to the other side, you’ll arrive… at the end of the world!
Stunning panoramic views await you: mountains as far as the eye can see, a river winding through the little village below, surrounded by forests, footpaths, a waterfall… You may well recognise the description…. I’m talking about Venosc, a village that I’ve totally and utterly fallen in love with! At the foot of the majestic Muzelle mountain, it’s the perfect place for a walk with your family or loved one.



Enjoy a wealth of activities, from rafting on the Vénéon river, high ropes through the trees, hikes (on foot or… on donkeyback!)… discover the village with its lovely arts and craft shops, sumptuous restaurants, mountain biking trails… or take to the heights and admire Lauvitel Lake. 



With its winding, flower-filled streets, the welcoming village is authentic to say the least. Wherever you are, you can hear the peaceful sound of water, and you’re very likely to come across horses, goats, donkeys, friendly cats….. there really is something for everyone!



Unexpected little treasures are scattered through the village: the beautiful Château de la Muzelle, which welcomes overnight guests, charming village squares and multi-coloured beehives on the hillsides. If you’re lucky, you might just discover a hidden spot by the side of the Vénéon, where you can relax in total solitude, sunbathe, have a picnic and dip your toes in the water (only your toes… unless you enjoy swimming in water heated to just 10° celsius… it’s good for the circulation apparently;)).


Every summer, Venosc locals organise several events, much to the delight of its visitors. They’ve already held the Fête du Bois wood festival and soon it’ll be time for the Arts and Crafts market, followed by the Potters market. History lovers won’t want to miss the chance to go on a guided tour of the village, which takes place every Monday morning from 10am to 12noon. Your guide will tell you tales from the past and let you into some of the village’s secrets…

So what are you waiting for….. ?! If it’s a recipe for peace and tranquility with dash of energy you’re looking for - Venosc is the place for you :) 


Editor: Alexia Duclaud

Photos Copyright: Alexia Duclaud / OT Venosc