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A new twist on cycling in Les 2 Alpes

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Going for a bike ride in Les 2 Alpes? OK. Climb up to the Vallée Blanche (a 500-metre vertical ascent)? No way, that’s far too difficult…


Psst… a new activity has arrived in Les 2 Alpes! And a great one at that… What would you say to exploring the resort’s mountain bike trails without getting tired out? Now you can! ;) Thanks to Electrically Assisted Bicycles. You know those bikes that take you where you want, when you want, with whomever you want… oh dear, sorry, I’m getting distracted! Basically, battery-powered speedsters that let you climb difficult hills without dying of exhaustion! I’m talking about a REVOLUTION. Wave goodbye to racing heart rates, red cheeks, sweat dripping from every pore, and huffing and puffing…!

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Never tried it? Every Tuesday between 10am and 12noon, you can come for a little ride around the top of the resort thanks to a great initiative from Isère Tourisme supported by Les 2 Alpes. The first “visitor-testers” came back delighted with their ride. As Jean-François R. put it: “It was brilliant, a fantastic thing to do as a family; we had all the fun of cycling without getting worn out, and were able to climb effortlessly and get all the thrills of going downhill.”

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Different instructors – all very nice and cheerful by the way – will guide you across Les Deux Alpes’ beautiful trails. I’m mostly thinking of the La Molière and Kanata trails, where you’ll come across the beehives of a local kid (who’s now all grown up…). You’ll also pass over the ridge of the Vallée Blanche, where you’ll enjoy uninterrupted views over La Muzelle, the resort, Lake Chambon and Lake Buissonnière… You’ll be surrounded by a sea of green… dotted with little patches of blue.

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I even tried it out for you…. I have to say it was a big success – it’s fun being on the bike from start to finish; if anything, the ride could have been longer! The instructors provide all the advice you need to go downhill without risking injury, and you’ll meet some great people (groups of 8 maximum).
To sum up, e-bike sessions are an excellent compromise for combining sports activity without too much exertion, discovering the landscape, cycling in the fresh air, having fun with family and friends and sharing an experience with others.

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PS: you only have until the end of the summer season to get going, so don’t hang about! :)


Editor: Alexia Duclaud

Photos Copyright: Alexia Duclaud