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The 4 seasons of Les 2 Alpes

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Just like Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, the resort of Les 2 Alpes has its own moods, nuances, colours, rhythms… simply put, each season has its own distinct appeal! And there’s always something to do. We explain it all in the article below!

Sure, the seasons are a little bit out of sync in Les 2 Alpes. But that doesn’t matter one bit! The fact is, you’ll never be bored here :)

In Spring (May – June)
Springtime… synonymous with rebirth. Little by little, trees regrow their leaves, buds burst open… And best of all in Les 2 Alpes, snap your fingers and the snow-covered plains return to their natural state. What a way to get away from it all… and to lose yourself (in every sense of the word!) This peaceful period offers activities to suit everyone: sporty types, less sporty types, families, young people, couples… The more daring can go rafting in Venosc while nature lovers try their hand at Dog-Hiking; fantastic hikes with husky dogs. You can also tramp along Les 2 Alpes footpaths and trails to your heart’s content. Climbers will be able to try out the climbing wall at the entrance to the resort and the more studious may wish to hunker down in the Media Library. Not forgetting visits to the charming “2 Alpes” villages of Venosc and Mont-de-Lans.

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In Summer (July – August)
Ah, summer! ‘Tis the season of major sporting events and festivals. Between cycling, trail running, skiing and snowboarding competitions, you’ll be spolit for choice, whether you want to take part or just spectate. Headline events include the Mountain Of Hell #ofcourse, Vertical Trail, Granfondo, La Muzelle festival, Hay Festival... And this year, we’ve also had a few new additions! Les 2 Alpes Outdoor Festival, for example, which we’re sure you remember. And then there’s the Mucho Bueno Festival for dance enthusiasts, the Vintage Motor Show for vintage car collectors and even the DC Showdown for snowsports royalty. In summer, Les 2 Alpes also runs a whole heap of fun family entertainment. Yup, we’ve got everyone covered! ;)

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In Autumn (September – October)
It’s true that autumn can make you think of returning to school, going back to lessons and to work while the nights start closing in… but in Les 2 Alpes, it also means the first snowflakes and the run-up to October half-term with 2 major events: Enjoy The Glacier and the High Test Decathlon. Just like in spring, a sense of peace descends over the resort and there are so many activities to try. But above all, and this is definitely the most important thing in this article, it’s a time for getting together over a raclette and sharing a tartiflette with friends and family! Happiness in its purest state.

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In Winter (November – April)
Right, if we were to hold a vote, we’re pretty sure that this would be your favourite season! Well obviously, winter has an abundance of snow, the magic of Christmas, hot chocolate snuggled under a blanket, and of course, wintersports and events! Such as the Snow Running Challenge weekend, with the Mad Snow Race and the Night Snow Trail, the Vertical Challenge, Rise Festival, Junior Foliz… and some new events for this year. We’re nice so we’ll give you a clue: it starts with a Christmas Market and… we’ll tell you more very soon ;)

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Huh? What’s that you’re saying? Les 2 Alpes is totally amazing? Aw, we already knew that!

With all our love.

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Editor: Alexia Duclaud

Photos Copyright: Amandine LRX, Bruno Longo, Alexia Duclaud