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10 good reasons to visit Les 2 Alpes this winter

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Les 2 Alpes is pretty much the resort you shouldn’t miss for any reason during the winter season…
Don’t believe us? Here are 10 arguments sure to convince you!


1) THE largest high-altitude ski area in Europe
In all of Europe no less! Something we’re more than a teensy bit proud of!
The ski area culminates at an altitude of 3,600 metres and you can ski non-stop on beautiful runs between 3,600 and 1,300 metres, all the way to the village of Mont de Lans. A record vertical drop of 2,300 metres and 16 kilometres of runs without having to take a single ski lift! How amazing is that?

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2) Les 2 Alpes, a freestylers’ paradise
It’s not just a simple snowpark… We’re talking about the legendary Freestyle Land, a sector created by Les 2 Alpes over 20 years ago, dedicated to freestyle for all abilities and all disciplines. Undoubtedly one of the best snowparks in France… The Easy Park, Progress Park and Family Park are largely reserved for budding riders, perfect for those who want to get off to a gentle start with skiing and snowboarding. Park Avenue and Park de l’Envers are aimed at experienced snowpark riders, with urban-style ramps and modules. Finally, for pros, there’s the Slopestyle, Big Air and the Half Pipe. Watch out and be ready to get out of the way, it gets crazy round here!!! We’ve even designed a snowpark area on the Limaçons run and a Kids Park on Les Crètes at 2,100 metres for your mini riders. All you have to do is turn up and have a go!

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3) Whoever said you could only go skiing and snowboarding in Les 2 Alpes in winter?
What a silly idea! Other activities are on offer so you can enjoy a variety of experiences: dog-sledding or snow-scootering rides and visits to the Ice Grotto, situated right at the foot of the Glacier. In the “snowsports” vein, you can also try out tobogganing and ice-skating at the heart of the resort at 1,650 metres. Older holidaymakers can relax thanks to the multiple spa and well-being areas available at the resort… while your children are safe in the hands of the nursery, crèche or leisure centre (Les 2 Alpes has borne the “Family Plus” label since 2009).

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4) Fantastic events!
A winter season in Les 2 Alpes without an event would barely even deserve the name.
What awaits you this winter? The Rise Festival (from the 16th to the 23rd of December), the special Snow Running Challenge weekend on the 20th and 21st of January, with the Night Snow Trail and the Mad Snow Race, Powder Week (from the 2nd to the 9th of December), the Vertical Challenge on the 17th of March, the Snowjam (from the 4th to the 20th of April), and many many more… Be there or be square! So many new additions planned for winter 2017…

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5) For the magical landscapes alone
Wherever you are in Les 2 Alpes, you’re surrounded by vast white walls. Whether you’re at the resort at 1650 metres or Village 1800, at the PanoBar at 2,600 metres, the viewing point at 3,400 metres with 360° views over the Ecrins ski area, at the top of a chair lift or gondola lift, etc. you’ll have snow as far as the eye can see absolutely everywhere!
It’s Christmas magic!!

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6) An internationally renowned resort
World champions love training on the Les 2 Alpes high-altitude ski area, particularly this year when they can make use of the Glacier to get ready for the 2018 Olympic Games. Signing sessions are often held so you can meet your favourite sportspeople. Come on, you have to admit that’s pretty amazing! ;)

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7) “Les 2 Alpes” rhymes with… “gastronomy to die for”! (yup, it definitely rhymes…)
Go on then, time to play a word association game with “mountain resort”: wood, fire, cheese, fireplace, ambiance, welcoming, cosy, comfort, in the warm… shall we go on or have you got the idea? :)
That’s all summed up perfectly in Les 2 Alpes’ restaurants, each one as excellent as the rest! Even talking about it makes us want to wolf down a delicious tartiflette this very instant (local time: 11.40am)!!!



8) Local champions…
Our Made in Les 2 Alpes champions often come home for the winter! It doesn’t matter which ones… you could cross paths with Yoann Bonato, Arthur Longo or Hugo Laugier and exchange a few words or chat about this and that… #Proud

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9) Guaranteed snow throughout the season
The resort of Les 2 Alpes pulls out all the stops to look after its high-altitude ski area and its visitors. Thanks to the installation of snow cannons to protect our precious environment, we’re able to keep both skiers and snowboarders happy. Artificial snow is made from water and compressed air without any additives. In Les 2 Alpes, the water comes from the Lac du Grand Plan at an altitude of 2,400 metres and supplies the snow factory situated in Les Crêtes at 2,200 metres and the network of 250 snow cannons situated below.



10) A team at your service
In the Les 2 Alpes family, we recruit activity coordinators who are always in a good mood, reception hosts that give good advice, a bookings team on hand for whatever you need, team managers who always give it everything they’ve got, Community Managers with a great sense of humour… In short, a whole little world, visible and invisible, that gives 200% to satisfy its adored visitors!
(that’s us below… looking good huh???)



So there we have it! Now that we’ve convinced you all, we await you in your droves for the opening of the winter season on the 2nd of December or even for the October half term on the 21st of October if you’re really itching to ride!!! :)


Editor: Alexia Duclaud

Photos Copyright: Arnaud Guerrand, P. Tournaire, Eric Gerra, Amandine LRX, Monica Dalmasso, Yoann Peisin, Vincent Lozzi, Yoann Bonato, Kevin Marchal, David Pintens, Rusty Toothbrush & Alexia Duclaud