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Ski when you like in Les 2 Alpes

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The Ski Liberty concept was launched by Isère Tourisme in 2012-2013 in a bid to put an end to traffic jams on the road… and on the slopes. Les 2 Alpes was a forerunner of the project, and we’d like to tell you a little more about it.

So what is Ski Liberty all about? Does it give you the freedom to dress up as a rabbit and ski the opposite way to everybody else… ? Errrr, no, not quite.
Ski Liberty basically means holidaymakers don’t all have to be in the same place at the same time. Why? Because we want you to be relaxed enough to enjoy the beauty of our mountains!
Being stuck in traffic at the start and end of your holiday, then queuing up to collect your ski pass and use the lifts is not exactly conducive to a relaxing holiday. Isère Tourisme came up with the idea of offering alternative arrival and departure dates, instead of the traditional Saturday to Saturday, to avoid that whole scenario.

A la carte stays…!

To be able to offer à la carte stays, we needed to convince our accommodation providers to change their holiday provision. In Les 2 Alpes, several options are now available, including 1-week stays from Sunday to Sunday. A lot more focus has been placed on shorter à la carte stays; from 2 to 4 nights, whenever you feel like it, avoiding Saturdays of course. All you need to do is choose your accommodation, whether it be an apartment, a tourism residence or a chalet.
So, why not go off the beaten track and start your weekend in the mountains on Thursday evening and stay until Sunday?! Take the liberty to enjoy a stress-free ski trip!
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