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A few tips to help you get ready for your ski holiday

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It’s worth preparing for your ski holiday, which is why we’ve drawn up a checklist to make sure you’re on top form when you hit the slopes in Les 2 Alpes. On your marks, get your skis, go!


Do a little sport all year round (almost)

To really get the most from your holiday, don’t forget to prepare yourself physically… If you’re more of an ‘armchair sports fan’ than a gym addict, there’s a great exercise we can recommend you start doing about a month or so before you arrive. Place back straight against a wall, your thighs parallel to the floor, hands at your sides as if you were sitting on a chair, but without the chair! The aim is to hold that position for at least a minute. It’s the perfect thigh strengthening exercise that you can do every other day before heading off to work!

 Check your equipment

As well as your camera (to share your stunning pics on social media using #L2AFOREVER) and your toboggan, don’t forget to take a look at the condition your skis are in! The following check-up is essential: bindings, base, edges…If you’ve put on or lost a few pounds since last season, make sure you check that your bindings are set correctly. If they’re not, your skis might keep coming off on the slopes, or even worse, they might not come off at all! The resort’s sports shops are happy to assist you if you need any help with your equipment.

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 Wrap up warm outside

When you’re in the mountains and it’s -20°C outside, you don’t dress as if you’re just popping to the shop for some milk! Make sure you pack plenty of breathable, warm clothing and don’t forget to layer up. You’ll also need a pair of snow boots, gloves, a ski mask to keep your face warm, a woolly hat and a helmet to be extra safe.
Protect yourself from the sun
We tend not to worry about the sun so much in the mountains, yet it’s even more powerful here. In fact, altitude and the reflection of the sun off the snow increase the UV index, so watch out for sunburn! Don’t forget your (high SPF factor) suncream, lipbalm, sunglasses and goggles!

Get snow tyres or chains for your car

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the road because of the snow… Make sure you get the right snow tyres for your car as well as/or snow chains/snow socks. Important: please ensure you practise putting the chains/socks on your car at home. That way it’ll take you less time when you have to do it for real, and you won’t have to do it for the first time in snowy conditions, in the dark, with the whole family waiting in the car…

Don’t forget your important documents

Booking confirmations, passports, etc…

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