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Ski instructors with a lot of drive… spotlight on Yoann and Quentin, rally drivers.

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As ski instructors at the ESF French Ski School in Les 2 Alpes during the winter, Yoann BONATO and Quentin GIORDANO know a thing or two about turns! In fact, the two sportsmen are specialists in the field, since they are both rally drivers as well!

They both took part in the legendary Monte Carlo Rally in 2016; a feat not to be sniffed at! We wanted to congratulate them, and also ask them a few questions.

WELL DONE to them!

 and co-driver Valentin SARREAUD came 13th in the overall ranking at the wheel of a CITROEN DS3!
"We came 4th in the WRC2 and 13th in the Scratch race. I’m thrilled with our achievement." ... 

Taking part in the rally for the first time, Yoann BONATO and his co-driver Denis GIRAUDET carried out an amazing performance, coming 5th in the WRC2 and 15th overall in their CITROEN DS3!
And who better than Yoann to tell us a little more about it? 
This is what he said:
 "...we are pretty happy with the way the rally went; it was a magical experience when the spectators got together to get us out of the snow! I couldn’t believe my eyes, they had ropes, axes and giving up was not an option... It’s incredible when I think back to it. I could never have achieved this result without their help.
I never expected to do so well on my very first attempt at the race. " ...

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