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Marion ROLLAND and Nicolas LAMBERT: injury strikes our local heroes!

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The whole of Les 2 Alpes was saddened to hear the fate of our 2 champions in January!

Most of Marion ROLLAND and Nicolas LAMBERT’s fans learnt their bad news on Facebook; their profiles were inundated with messages of sympathy in no time at all!
Through our LES 2 ALPES BLOG we wanted to give them some moral support, to tell them how much we’re thinking of them and how much we love them both!
We love the fact that they are both genuine nice people, always happy to talk and to listen…
We are so proud of these two former Les 2 Alpes Ski Club members, who went on to grow up and join the ranks of competitive skiers…
We love them for giving it their all in training sessions, in the bitter cold or the bright sunshine, against the clock to make themselves better, faster…
We love them for giving us so much happiness and pleasure… how can we forget the tears of joy on Marion’s face when she won the title of Downhill World Champion in Schladming on the 10th of February 2013!
There’s no doubt that we love them both, even if we don’t know them personally. They are part of Les 2 Alpes’ big family, so we’re all feeling their pain today!

We send you both heartfelt get well wishes and we’re sure that tomorrow will be a brighter day!

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Editor : Franca GRASSIA

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