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New Snowboarding web series based in Les 2 Alpes

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Since the start of the winter, Les 2 Alpes has been producing a new web series dedicated to snowboarding: Winter Within. This project was brought to life thanks to an amazing partnership with the Rusty Toothbrush crew.


5 episodes will be recorded in Les 2 Alpes throughout the winter. You’ll get to see some park, some back country, some on-piste, some coaching, some partying, and even a few overstyled secret agents! In a nutshell, it’s a true reflection of Les 2 Alpes, recorded on film.
2 episodes are already online and it’s been a great success so far, both in terms of the quality of the filming and the number of views!
We thought it would be a good idea to introduce a few of the crew members to you: Alex (production / editing / rider) and Francesco (editing / animation), by asking them a few questions…

- How and when did the Rusty Toothbrush crew come together?
“Hello everyone! Our crew formed a few years ago in the usual way, a bunch of friends snowboarding together, sharing the same passion and vision. The professional part came out after we found out that the audience was loving our style and taste for video making. Since then we’ve been expanding our horizon in turn it has become now our full-time work”.


- Alex, tell us a little about who you are and what your job for Rusty Toothbrush entails?

“I define myself primarily as a professional snowboarder then as a video producer.
I am responsible for making sure everyone in our team (riders/filmers/photographers) are fed, housed, warm and happy. I am also our direct contact with our various media partners and sponsors.
I am responsible for the overall logistics and organisation of each project so that when it’s time to film Francesco and our other filters / Photographers can work their magic while I go back to being a snowboarder.
The creative planning is shared between myself and Francesco, I usually make the first cuts to our edits, being sure all the right shots are used and that everything fits each story line then Francesco takes over, dresses it up and brings it to the unique product it is when it makes it on-line. This guy has an eye for design un paralleled and I am so happy to have him as my partner”.


- Francesco, tell us a little about who you are and what your job for Rusty Toothbrush entails?

“I define myself basically as a design nerd, I’ve always had a great passion about design, snowboard, and technology. I’ve been working in Milan, my hometown, as a freelance for the last couple years, before diving into the snowboard film-making industry. It’s not easy to define my job, I’m kind of an all-around multi tasker octopus nerd.” (oh yes, thank you Francesco, it's pretty much clearer now… ^^ ).
“Here at Rusty Toothbrush is a lot about brainstorming and creativity, me and Alex come out with a first draft from talking and exchanging thoughts, we then experiment with a few concepts we find interesting and refine the idea. Once we have a solid concept to begin from, I start working my magic, I take all the creative ideas and transform them into graphics, which I then proceed to animate. The editing process is pretty similar, we start with a rough cut, usually much longer than the final product, we then strip away the unnecessary and start cutting it to go with the soundtrack, my favourite part is the final touches, transitions, effects and animations”.

- Why did you want to work in partnership with Les 2 Alpes?
“Mainly because it’s a great place to work in, it’s really inspiring and funny. The fact that the corporation is really open to new ideas and lets us express ourselves is a big plus too!”.


- Where did the idea to create «Winter Within» come from and how is the filming going?
“The idea came out as described above, in this particular case we were trying to provide Les 2 Alpes with his very own web series by focusing on the main feature of Les 2 Alpes, which is obviously the “2”, if you observe closely, the whole series is based upon this concept! The filming is going great, even with the scarce snowfalls, L2A had still great conditions, which allowed us to even shoot some powder in the beginning of one of the worst seasons in years. This place it’s really great for filming!”.


- Do you like to take up stupid challenges? Because we’ve got a really silly one for you… For all the skiers out there who feel this snowboarding web series isn’t really for them (which is a real shame because it’s so cool), would you be prepared to film an episode focused on skiing?
“We are all about stupid! Plus we personally would love to see how our riders might stand up against some ski sessions, maybe with an old school ski instructor named Gustave…” (Errrrr… does it also works with a Maurice?? Just in case…).


A big thank you to Alex (a.k.a the Kiwi lil’ mama) and Francesco (a.k.a the Italian squid) for answering our questions. We note that we haven’t promised them anything in exchange for these words! Everything is true, they raised their right mitten and said “I swear to Snowboard God”.


Copyright: Rusty Toothbrush.