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A hybrid piste groomer in Les 2 Alpes

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Since December 2014, Les 2 Alpes’ ski area management company, «Deux Alpes Loisirs»,  has invested in a totally new type of hybrid piste groomer.


Built by Kässbohrer, the PISTENBULLY 600 E+ is the world’s first diesel-electric drive piste groomer… yes indeed!
It has been used for 220 hours in Les 2 Alpes since its arrival, and this should increase to 1,200 hours every year, when used both in summer and winter.

Drivers will really get their kicks from this hi-tech machine, thanks to its touchscreen control panel and joystick, giving them quick access to the main functions. It’s a bit like a video game, except with a real life 360 degree panorama!


Some additional information: 

400 horsepower.
Whilst it is approximately 20% more expensive to buy than a traditional piste groomer (which costs around 300,000 €), this is justified and made profitable by its electric transmission (instead of hydraulic transmission), making it more efficient, with less fuel consumption (approx 24.5 litres/hr instead of 30 litres for a traditional model).
The chances of a fuel leak or environmental pollution due to a broken hose are greatly reduced, and maintenance work carried out during vehicle servicing is also reduced, saving time and oil consumption.
This machine is more reliable in the long term, and can be used far more efficiently.

Deux Alpes Loisirs may invest in more machines of this kind if this particular piste groomer fulfils its expectations. Whilst the additional cost is not negligible, the advantages in term of environmental impact and operating costs are significant.


Here is a nice video of this hybrid piste groomer in its incredible natural environment: Les 2 Alpes! 

Thank you to Didier Giraud for the information.

Photo credit: JC Michel and