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What type of spring skier are you?

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For hardened skiers, skiing in the spring means you get to enjoy yourself a little while longer, but for others, it’s simply a state of mind! See what type of skier you are!


N°1: On a ski holiday, when it comes to mornings which of the following best describes you:
a) «It’s almost 8.30am and I want to be first on the slopes!»
b) «There’s no rush, the sun sets later so we can start out a bit later too!»

N°2: At lunchtime, on the slopes:
a) «This is the best time to ski, everyone’s having lunch…there’s no point stopping now!»
b) «With this beautiful sunshine it’s the perfect time for lunch on a slopeside terrace!»

N°3: Late afternoon on the slopes:
a) «There’s no such thing as good or bad snow conditions, it’s just a state of mind. As far as i’m concerned, I’ll ski until the slopes close!»
b) «The snow’s a bit slushy, who fancies a dip in the pool?!»

If you’ve got more a’s than b’s, you’re a definite ski addict! For you, springtime means longer days and more time for skiing. On April 25th, you’re already waiting for Les 2 Alpes’ glacier to open so you can put your summer skis on!
If you’ve got more b’s than a’s, you’re a spring skier. The cold weather, snow storms and long queues at the foot of the chair lift are not your cup of tea. You like to ski in relaxed conditions, in the sunshine, but that’s not all….for you, skiing goes hand in hand with deckchairs, taking a dip in the pool and going for nice walks.
As you can imagine, many couples are made up of ski addicts and spring skiers. In the spring, there’s something for everyone, so say yes to spring skiing, yes to keeping the peace with your partner!
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Pictures copyrights : Bruno Longo